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Description of the yacht

Yacht Weekend 820 is located on the lake shore in the port "EVELYN" in the village of Bogaczewo near Giżycko. In the port there is a restaurant, hotel and parking (10 zł / day).


Lake Boczne - lake in Poland, located in the province of Warmia-Mazury, within Giżycko County, in the municipality of Giżycko. It is the south-western branch of Lake Niegocin. The lake has an area of 183.3 hectares. Its length is 3 km, the width of nearly 900 m. Coefficient of developing shoreline of this lake is equal to 1.7. m maximum depth reaches 17 m, and the average depth is 8.7 m. On the western shore of the lake extends the village of Bogaczewo, and on the opposite shore is the village of Rydzewo. The lake is part of the shipping route of the Great Masurian Lakes. Lake Boczne to the south connects through Kula Channel with Lake Jagodne.


Much of the province is the Mazury Lake District. It consists of Lakeland: Olsztyn, Mrągowo, Elk, Masurian Lake District and Mazury Plain. Warmia and Mazury is called the "Land of a Thousand Lakes", though it's not very apt description. These lakes are there for more than 3,000, including 2,000 with an area exceeding 1 ha. The biggest of them are: Sniardwy (109.7 km²) and Mamry(102.3 km²). The longest is Jeziorak Lake (27 km long, 32 km²) in the Iława Lake area District. The deepest lake is: Hańcza (108.5 m), Wigry (73 m) and Wuksniki (68 m). Most reservoirs in the region is connected to the system of canals built mainly in the nineteenth century. An example is the Elblag Canal connects Lake Druzno with lake Szeląg. Its length is 83.3 km. The region lies in the Vistula basin and rivers and the Baltic coast. The main rivers are: Pasłęka. Łyna and Drwęca. The region lies on the Vistula Lagoon (to the North-West).